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Current Programs and Partners

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The new website is incredible! We have received nothing but compliments and people are now looking to the website for their information rather than calling us. We have truly entered a new chapter for this Club and are looking forward to ongoing support and community building - Claudia Angelone, Unity Club

My group truly enjoyed the activity.  In their words, it was much better than the worksheets we do!  In addition, I presented the information to my team at RWC on Monday and they all liked it as well.  I am planning to use the cards for two other groups upcoming over the next two weeks. I simply like the material being presented this way, and the way it generates discussion.  You gave me some great ideas on how to work with a coed group with sensitive material and making all feel welcome in discussing their own personal issues.  For that I thank you!  - Pamela Hanks, Falls Church CSB

 R1's Drive for Change


The R1 Foundation is committed to saving lives by driving for change within the treatment system. Our focus is on making evidence-based and best practice tools, training and resources available to ALL Communities.

How we work to Drive Change:

  • Provide evidence-based and best practice tools to underfunded communities and programs that address different learning styles

  • Train and certify clinicians, recovery and peer coaches, and educators

  • Deliver educational and recovery seminars and workshops

  • Provide videos, activity libraries, and learning resources to support the tools

  • Engage, Educate and Empower individuals and communities in recovery to live a healthy and meaningful life